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The Centre also provide other services such as follows:

  • Act as an Advisor / Organiser / Co-ordinator for various national sports bodies and private enterprises that conduct their annual games / sports programmes in campus
  • Act as the games village / secretariat for various international and local sports events.
  • Provide information on sports and reference materials to individuals / institutions/ sports bodies

Annual Events

The Centre also involves in the following events every year:


  • Students orientation sports programme
  • Inter-residential college sports programme
  • University of Malaya closed championships
  • Annual varsity swimming championship
  • Annual varsity athletics championship
  • Annual inter-varsity games (among local unviversities)
  • Annual University of Malaya - National University of Singapore Games
  • Triennial inter-varsity Games (TIG) - University of Malaya, National University of Singapore, University of Hong Kong & Universitas Indonesia
  • Annual University of Malaya - Prince of Songkla University Games
  • Special sports events
  • Introductory courses for sports enthusiasts, officials and referees 
Last Updated: 01/11/2018