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  • Associate Professor Dr. Mohd Salleh Aman is a PhD holder in Leisure Studies focuses in the area of sport and physical recreation, graduated from Lincoln University, Christchurch, New Zealand. Dr. Mohd Salleh Aman completed a BA (Hons) degree in Geography and a Master of Education degree in Health, Physical Education and Sport, University of Malaya. He is the Associate Professor in Sport and Recreation Management.
  • Dr Mohd Salleh Aman’s research interest includes sport and recreation event management, sport, tourism and leisure policy,sport industry and facilities, and sport technology and innovation. He had consistently involved in research activities at university level between faculties, national level with Ministry of Youth and Sport Malaysia as well as international level with Victoria University (Australia), Juntendo University (Japan) and Hanyang University (Korea).




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  • Dr. Lim BH received his first degree in Sport Science (Majoring in Sport Psychology & Coaching) at University of Malaya (1999) and an MSc. in Sport Science (Sport Psychology) at University Putra Malaysia. Following this , he completed his PhD in Sport Psyhology at University of Malaya in 2011, investigating the effects of psychological intervention on pre-competition multidimensional state anxiety in volleyball players.
  • Dr Lim primary research interests lie in sport psycholgy intervention and sport anxeity to help athletes performing at the optimal level. He was appointed as a panel of the National Coaching Academy of Malaysia since 2009, the major roles of the appointment was to provide lectures and training to Malaysian coaches in Sport Psychology and Sport Coaching topics. Dr Lim’s personal interest is in the topic related to Resistance Training, he published a few articles related to resistance training. In addition, he has conducted a variety of invited workshops, lectures related to resistance training in Malaysia, Indonesia & Thailand.



Senior Lecturer


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  • Dr. Sareena completed a BSc (Hons)(Biochemistry) degree at University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur. Then she studied at University of Glasgow, Scotland where she obtained her Master of Medical Sciences (Human Nutrition) and PhD (Sports Nutrition) degrees. Dr. Sareena has worked as a lecturer in the Sports Centre at University of Malaya from 1999 till present. Dr.Sareena’s current position is senior lecturer and she also serves in an administrative role as Deputy Director (Research & Development). She is also the coordinator for Sports Nutrition/Exercise Physiology Laboratory. Dr Sareena has attended Sports Nutrition Course organised by Sports Dietitians Australia conducted at National Institute of Sports in 2012.


  • Dr. Sareena teaches and researches within the area of sports nutrition and biochemistry of exercise. Her primary interest concerns the relationship between nutrition and exercise performance. Dr. Sareena’s research is focused in the influence of different type and amount of carbohydrate diets on exercise energy metabolism and performance as well as on appetite regulation and body weight management. Her research interest also includes the influence of natural products and physical activity on health and sports performance.



Senior Lecturer


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  • Dr. Ashril graduated in Bachelor of Science and Medical from St Andrews University, Scotland (1992), and Masters in Sports and Exercise Science (Health Science) from Essex University, England (1997). He then pursued a PhD in Sports Science (Biochemistry and Physiology) at Universty of Essex in 2006. His PhD research was on exercise-induced oxidative stress in erythrocytes. Ashril was a member of National Sports Medicine Institute (UK) from 1996-2006. He is currently a senior member of academic staff at the Sports Centre (Exercise Science Unit), University of Malaya.


  • Dr. Ashril’s research interests primarily focus on metabolic changes and biochemical events under severe endurance exercise. Regulation of circulatory oxidative enzymes and senescence or erythrocytes during prolonged exercise are of special interest, with scope to manipulate protective effects through provision of natural suplements and blood concentrates. Other research areas involved includes association of nutrition, appetite regulation and neuromuscular fatigue, skeletal muscle damage and healing, natural products and performance, and soccer or football training. Dr Ashril is also currently engaged in clinical studies involving diabetes and metabolomic changes during exercise, and obesity amongst school children.



Associate Profesor


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  • Dr. Selina Khoo is currently a associate professor at the Sports Centre, University of Malaya. Her area of specialisation is sports sociology and her research interests include sports for women and persons with disabilities. She has served on the Women and Sports Committee of the Olympic Council of Malaysia, Development Committee of the FESPIC Federation as well as secretariat for the ASEAN Para Sports Federation the Asian Paralympic Committee. She is the current Vice President of the Asian Society for Adapted Physical Education and Exercise (ASAPE) and member of  the Commonwealth Advisory Body on Sport (CABOS). Selina was recently appointed to be the Global Observatory for Physical Activity's country contact for Malaysia


  • Dr. Khoo is also a National Course Director for the Olympic Council of Malaysia and facilitates Olympic Solidarity Sport Administrators courses. She has published articles in international journals aswell as book and book chapters. She was the regional editor of the International Journal of Eastern Sports and Physical Education and currently reviews for international journals.She has been invited to present her research at national and international conferences, including the International Forum on Children with Special Needs, IOC World Sport for All Congress and Global Summit on the Physical Activity of Children. Her current research projects are related to participation in physical activity funded by High Impact Research grants from the University of Malaya and Ministry of Higher Education.



Senior Lecturer


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  • Wirdati read law at the Intrnational Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM 1999). She went on to do her MSA (Master of Sport Administration ) at Ohio University,Athens OHIO the following year (1998). She came back to teach at UM’s Sport Center in subjects such as Legal Aspects of Sport, Sport Industry and Sport Management Seminar . She went on to do her MPhil at Loughborough University UK in 2002. At Loughborough University, she was involved in an international research commissioned by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) undertaken jointly by the IOC and Institute of Sport and Leisure Policy, Loughborough University. The findings of there search was published and adopted by the 254 National Olympic Committees (NOCs) across the Globe . She came back to finish her PhD thesis in Muslim Women Sport Managers at UM. Wirdati was the 2008 recipient of the WSFFM Women and Sport Scholarship for her research in Muslim women sport managers.


  • Wirdati's primary research interests lie in women and sport, with special interest in how sport policy affects the governance and engagement of the society insport . This interests temmed from her background of legal studies and her secondary training as a sport manager . In addition , she is interested in the development of sport management as an a real of discipline as well as a professional endeavor in developing countries compared to moreestablished economies . She currently serves as a researcher in an international research collaboration with the National Taiwan Sport University in developing the Olympic Athletes Welfare models. In her spare time , she continues to engage in the development of sport management regionally, having recently being appointed as the treasurer of the Asian Association for Sport Management (AASM), the continental as sociation for sport managers in affiliation to the World Association of Sport Management (WASM) .





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  • Dr. Faithal obtained his Bachelor of Sport Science (Hons) degree with a major in Sport Psychology & Coaching from the University of Malaya, Malaysia. He also has a Diploma in Physical Education (PE) from Malaysian Ministry of Education. He was a high school PE teacher between 1989 and 2000. In 2001 he joined the University of Malaya, Malaysia as a tutor andpursuing his Master of Applied Science in Sport Coaching at The Universityof Queensland, Australia. Upon his return, he was appointed as a lecturerin Science of Coaching.


  • His interest in motivational climate has motivated him to pursue his research in this area for his PhD thesis. He gained his Doctor of Philosophy in Coaching Science from UWIC (now known as Cardiff Metropolitan University) in 2011. Now, Faithal is lecturing in the Sport Centre, University of Malaya and work very closely with the high performance athletes and coaches. Dr. Faithal’s primary research interests lie in understanding the role of coaches, motivational climate and about coaching high performance athletes.



Senior Lecturer

  • Victor S Selvanayagam completed his first degree in Sports Science and Master’s degree in Medical Science at the University of Malaya (UM). He received his PhD from The University of Queensland in the area of Neuroscience where he focused on identifying early neural responses to strength training. Victor, who is also a certified Strength and Conditioning specialist (CSCS), is currently a Senior Lecturer with the Sports Centre, University of Malaya.


  • His main research focuses on the contribution of the nervous system to strength gains by incorporating well-explored motor learning paradigms to strength training. Most of this research work utilises a wrist clamping experimental apparatus to assess force data and manipulate motor learning protocols.


  • He also incorporates electrophysiological techniques such as peripheral nerve stimulation and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) and electromyography (EMG) into his experiment. In addition, Victor plays a supervisorial role in research areas such as fatigue, muscle damage and familiarisation, all focusing on the role of the central nervous system.





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  • Rizal was part of the very first batch of Sport Science students that graduated from University of Malaya in 1999. It was the first such programme offered in Malaysia. In year 2000, he went on to pursue an MSc (Human Movement) at the University of Western Australia, graduated the following year and started to teach in UM in 2001. He formally completed his Phd from the Department of Biomedical Engineering, University of Malaya in 2012 – investigating the critical parameters of the ten-pin bowling delivery.


  • Rizal’s primary focus is in on how movement variability affect motor tasks and sports performance. Current research include studying the role of imagery in error detection and movement variability in laboratory and field based tasks. He has also done some work related to anthropometry and talent identification. Moreover, he has a particularly keen interest in investigating and finding solutions for applied problems in an array of different fields.



Senior Lecturer


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  • In 2012, Dr Jadeera was employed by the University of Malaya as Senior Lecturer attached to the Sports Centre. Prior to that, she was enrolled at The University of Western Australia, where she examined contextual interference on the acquisition and learning of motor skills, and was awarded a PhD in 2011. Dr Jadeera had also obtained her MSc degree from the same university previously. This was after she had completed her Bachelor of Sports Science studies at the University of Malaya in 1999.


  • Dr Jadeera’s area of specialisation is in motor learning and control. Her research efforts in this field primarily involve manipulating the variables of practice that could aid skill aquisition, learning and performance. These variables include practice schedules, amount and distribution of practice and feedback. Dr Jadeera’s other research area is in the field of sport psychology. More specifically, her research interest in this field is centered around the investigation of psychological skills training for performance enhancement. In the near future, Dr Jadeera is looking to expand her research focus and is keen to embark on finding ways to promote physical activity and improve the health of the general population.



Senior Lecturer


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  • Vincent completed his first degree in Sports Science (Sports Management) at the University of Malaya, Malaysia (1999) and a M.Ed. in Physical Education (2006) at the same university. He completed his Master (2010) and PhD (2013) in Kinesiology (Kinesmetrics) degree simultaneously in the field of Testing and Measurement at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, United States of America. Vincent was the recipient of the 2007-2012 SLAI Malaysian government scholarship which supported his education in USA.


  • Vincent’s primary research areas are in sports testing and measurement, psychometrics and sports statistics, sports motivation, childhood obesity and fitness. He is passionate at questionnaires development and validating psychometrics properties of questionnaires based on Structural Equation Modeling and Rasch Modeling. Currently, he is engaged in smoking withdrawal studies among Malaysian population,and several other self-esteem, ego resilience and sports motivation studies in local school settings.






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  • Currently, Yuhanis is a PhD candidate at the School of Sport and Exercise Sciences, Victoria University, Melbourne.


  • Yuhanis has developed a research interest that focuses on the effect of participation in sports and physical activity on the psychological aspectsandquality oflifeofpeoplewith disability, specifically individuals with SCI, as well as in applied sport psychology for elite athletes.



  •  Dr. Young Eun Noh received her first degree in Dance from Chosun University and Master’s degree in Physical Education (Sport Psychology) at Chonnam National University. She completed her PhD in Sport and Exercise Psychology at Victoria University, Australia. Dr. Noh was awarded International Postgraduate Research Scholoarship from Victoria University. She is currently a Senior Lecturer in the Sports Centre, University of Malaya.
  • Dr. Noh’s research area is designing intervention programs for prevention of injury using psychosocial factors. She is also interested in cross-culture studies regarding physical activities for adults, motivation, management, and social issues in sports.
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